Bill Walton Smoked Extra Weed Before Last Night's UCLA Game

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“What’s that spinning wheel?”
That’s just Walton being Walton, throwing lobs to Dave Pasch just to see if he’s awake during UCLA’s blowout of Washington.
If you haven’t read Richard Deitsch’s interview with Bill Walton, you want to work that into your day. Bill seems to be feeling better than ever and it’s easy to tell by listening him rap back and forth with Pasch. This is the best college basketball crew on TV right now. All you serious college basketball fans love Bilas and Dan Shulman. I get it.
I’ll gladly take Walton-Pasch.
From the Deitsch piece:

Walton’s partner, the excellent and versatile Dave Pasch, said there are three things he keeps in the back of his mind when crazy stuff comes out of his analyst’s mouth. Explained Pasch: “Number one, ignore it. Number two, reel him back in to get him back to the game. Number three, play along. I have to make that decision and balance that out over the course of the game.”

[HT: Tom B.]

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