And…More Fights From Detroit's Opening Day Festivities

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And there are more fight videos from┬áTigers fans┬áto watch. Look, if you guys keep sending fight videos to watch, I’m going to watch. This looks to be more of the same great fight that we’ve been posting over the last 12 hours. There were so many smaller fights within the massive brawl that different guys were able to catch different fights. It was like going to some MMA event and watching 6-7 fights at once.
The bad news here is that Detroit will get all crazy that these videos are bringing bad publicity and they’ll try to end the Opening Day fun. Just when things are getting good, the politicians always step in to ruin it. Enjoy it while you can, Detroit.
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Tigers Fan Hits Woman During Wild Opening Day Slugfest
Tigers Fan Hits Woman During Wild Opening Day Slugfest