Weirdo Does Impression Of Stephen A. Smith Wanting To Have Sex With Erin Andrews


Say hello to the next YouTube sensation — JesusForEternity92. He’s a guy who can do all sorts of impressions…and 99.9% of the time he nails the impression. Take this impression of Stephen A. Smith wanting to have sex with Erin Andrews that Jesus dropped over the weekend.

Ever asked yourself what kind of viewer watches First Take? JesusForEternity92 is your guy. Where else is he going to study Stephen A. so he can nail an impression?

I actually watched a couple of videos from JFE92 and found out that his real name is Eddie and that he normally shoots videos shirtless in a bathroom. Maybe he’s locked in the bathroom. I’ve yet to put all the puzzle pieces together.

Tell me this isn’t a new Internet superstar…you can’t