College Football - page 9

Sep 13, 2016

Buy Your #WGWTFA Shirt In Time For Florida Game

It’s the craze that’s sweeping across the south. It’s called #WGWTFA and it’s a pretty simple statement. “We’re gonna whup...

Sep 12, 2016

What Does WGWTFA Stand For?

WGWTFA is starting to become a movement.

Sep 12, 2016

Looks Like Breana Dodd Had Fun in Bristol

As most of our readers know by now, BC Joe traveled to the Battle at Bristol this past weekend for...

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Sep 10, 2016

Jim Harbaugh Got Caught On Camera Picking His Nose And Eating It

If we’re being completely honest here, I wouldn’t expect anything less from Jim Harbaugh. He seems like a guy who...

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Sep 10, 2016

Central Michigan Beats Oklahoma State On A Miracle Hail Mary

You see, this is why college football is so great. On a Saturday where the slate of games is quite...

Sep 10, 2016

Guy Put His Venmo Username On A GameDay Sign, Hundreds Of People Send Him Money

All this kid wanted was some beer money from his mom. Maybe like 50 bucks to grab a couple cases...

Sep 9, 2016

UPDATE: Lamar Jackson Has 4 Touchdowns In The First Quarter Vs Syracuse

  Last Thursday, on the opening night of College Football and a holy day in this household, I made a...

Sep 6, 2016

BC College Football Top 10 After Week 1

Play somebody and I give you credit.

Sep 3, 2016

Mike Patrick Botches The Aflac Trivia Question Where He Was The Answer

I’m a big time Aflac Trivia Question guy. Seriously, I love it. It’s one of the things I look forward...

Sep 3, 2016

An Orlando Bar Is Giving Away Free Beer On Game Days Until UCF Wins A Game

You might’ve saw this promotion last season as the UCF Knights went 0-12 for the season. A bar in Orlando...

Sep 1, 2016

Tinder Drops Their Own Top 25 Rankings

Strong showings from FSU and Ohio State.