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May 4, 2012

Solid Effort By Mariano Rivera Chasing Down This Fly Ball; ACL Damage! [Morning Twitpic]

The poor, poor Yankees just can't get a break this year. Mariano Rivera, you might have heard, was carried off the field in Kansas City last night during batting practice after tearing his ACL while chasing down a meaningless fly ball. The big question is if this is a career ender. “I don’t want it any other way. I was doing what I love to do, shagging I love to do,’’ said Rivera. Wait, what the hell did he just say? Anyway, it's Kentucky Derby weekend. Let's get drunk!

May 3, 2012

15 Greatest White Guy Twitter Reactions To Tim Welke’s Blown Call

Nothing gets white guys fired up like a blown call in a worthless baseball game in May. Sure, Tim Welke had a bad angle in the top of the 6th last night when he called Jerry Hairston out with Todd Helton about two feet off the bag. Looked horrible in real-time and looked even worse on replay. The Rockies eventually won and of course white guys went totally berserk on Twitter. Like ripping sh*t off the walls mad. One guy even used "heck" in his tweet. JUMP!

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May 3, 2012

Jered Weaver’s Was Dad Pounding A Draft In 9th During No-Hitter [Morning Twitpic]

We learned a few things about Jered Weaver's dad during last night's no-hitter. According to the OC Register, Dave has an interesting tradition on Jered's pitching days. No dinner until after Jered comes off the mound. Guess that tradition doesn't include ice cold drafts. As you can see, he was still pounding the suds in the 9th as Jered worked over the Twins. In fact, Dave was even drinking a Bud Light can after the game. Our new hero? Of course. Let's get rolling!

May 2, 2012

Nick Johnson Is On Fire! Hitless Streak Is Over! Now Hitting .033! The Guy Is 1-For-30!

It's all over. The long nightmare that was Nick Johnson's start to the 2012 season (0-for-29) came to an end last night against the Yankees. Our hero legged out a double, raising his average to .033. Johnson told reporters after the 7-1 O's win, "It kind of gets in your head and you think too much at the plate, instead of going up there getting a pitch and do what you do." We can now go back to ignoring this guy since the fun is over.

May 1, 2012

Nick Johnson In Lineup Tonight Against Yankees; Now 0-For-28 In 2012!

Big news for those of you who've been following Nick Johnson's hitless streak. He's DHing tonight in the Bronx and is already 0-for-2 with a K. As you can see, our hero is now 0-for-28 and pretty much looking at walking papers at this pace. The O's only have $800,000 wrapped up in this guy. What seems to be the issue? Johnson told YES Network's Jack Curry that he's "not letting the ball travel enough." Makes sense to us. Still time for two more ABs tonight.

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May 1, 2012

Kate Upton Just Won’t Stop, Now Unleashing These Yankees Hat Photos

REMEMBER THAT KATE UPTON VIDEO FROM THIS AFTERNOON WHERE SHE'S DOING THE CAT DADDY? YEAH, WELL NOW WE HAVE PHOTOS FROM THE TERRY RICHARDSON PHOTOSHOOT TO COMPLIMENT THAT INSANE VIDEO. ARE WE SHOUTING? OH, SORRY. Look, you guys keep clicking, we keep posting. Of course there is room for another hot chick to come in & steal a little of Upton's thunder. Until then, you get these – JUMP!

An Erin Andrews’ Autographed White House Correspondents’ Dinner Program Will Cost You $60

That didn't take long. Three days, that's all it took before some memoribilia dealer threw this autographed White House correspondents' dinner program on eBay for some idiot to drop $60 on. YES, it's autographed by Erin Andrews. This is the point where we try to figure out who's the bigger loser: the guy who stood there with a dinner menu waiting to get it autographed or the guy who buys this off eBay for $60? JUMP!

May 1, 2012

Jose Bautista Is Such A Little Bitch On Twitter; Hitting .181 & Making $14M!

First of all, sorry about all the Blue Jays posts today. It just worked out that way. Don't think this is a trend. We know Canadian stories don't move the pageviews meter so plan on this being the last one for awhile. Anyway, Jose Bautista is such a little bitch. You know how we know? He goes on Twitter and posts this stupid tweet about his haters. Like this guy doesn't have anything else to do. Homeboy is hitting .181 & making $14M this year. Weak.

May 1, 2012

Brett Lawrie’s Girlfriend Paige Brendel Tweeting Bed & Awkward Kiss Pics [PHOTOS]

We tried to warn you guys months ago to start paying attention to Toronto Blue Jays' 3B Brett Lawrie's new girlfriend Paige Brendel. One thing leads to another and her Twitpics start including the likes of a bed photo with the Canadian heartthrob. Our interest in this Lawrie-Brendel relationship is like opening a book on how a WAG rises from nothing to something on the Internet. Let's be honest, Brendel is 4-5 bikini photos this summer from being an Internet star. JUMP!

May 1, 2012

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Apr 30, 2012

Busted Exclusive: Is This Bryce Harper’s Girlfriend? [PHOTOS]

Team BC was at Bryce Harper's debut Saturday night in Los Angeles and just happened to be sitting in a suite next to the Harper family. Just our luck. Bryce's father is the guy with the shaved head and the girl wearing red is Bryce's sister. The big mystery is who is the girl in the black shirt going nuts with anticipation every time Bryce stepped to the plate. It's not his last known girlfriend Alyssa Rodriguez? One of you bros knows Harper inside out. Let us know. More photos – JUMP!

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Apr 30, 2012

Jim Thome Doesn’t Live In Double Wide; Look At His New $4.6M Mansion! [PHOTOS]

Here we figured all these years that Jim Thome spent his winters in a double wide in Peoria, IL and scrapped by because he was an Every Man. We've been lied to by broadcasters who've given Thome his Paul Bunyan mystique, yet the guy is now living in a house with his & hers showers. Just look at that bathroom. Never seen a double wide with marble floors before. We've had enough, baseball broadcasters. The guy doesn't eat deer meat in December. JUMP!

Apr 30, 2012

The First Red Sox Throwback White Cap Robber We’ve Been Seeking? [Cuff ‘Em]

Remember that Boston Red Sox 100th anniversary game a couple weeks ago where Kevin Millar & Pedro Martinez appeared to be hammered? The big news for us in that game was that the Sox were wearing plain white hats. No logo or writing. We figured it was just a matter of time before a Baseball Cap Bank Robber used one to confuse the fuzz. Guess what we think happened in Florida on Friday? Throwback robber! JUMP!

Apr 29, 2012

Nicole Marquez Is Red Sox Chick In Yankee Stadium Fan Fight Video

By now half of America is aware of the Red Sox fan getting kicked in the face during a wild fan fight Friday night at Yankee Stadium. Thanks to the sleuth work of Joe N. we now know the name of Red Sox Chick. Say hello to Nicole Marquez. Ironically, she's going to school at the New York Institute of Technology and playing softball for the school. Don't get greedy, she only has four public photos on her Facebook account from her trip to enemy territory. JUMP!

Apr 29, 2012

Dodgers Fans Mooned Bryce Harper As He Got His First Major League Hit [PHOTOS]

Bryce Harper, the Washington Nationals rookie, got his first hit of his Major League Baseball career off of a Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher for a double. Some Dodgers fans decided to moon, not only their pitcher, but also Bryce Harper. Yeah, it doesn't make sense to moon your own pitcher but the kids look pretty young. This may be the best rookie troll move of all time. We enhanced the image after the JUMP!

Apr 28, 2012

You Know How We Know This Broad Doesn’t Like Rangers Baseball? That’s A Kindle!

Rangers fan @millers_life sent word this afternoon that he was at last night's game against Tampa Bay and that he was so profoundly angered by this woman that we needed to see her in action. "Bottom of the 8th, Tex down 4 w the bases loaded last night. 16 rows behind home plate," Scott writes. We're not experts on the e-readers but that sure looks like a Kindle to us. Look, ladies, can you just act like you give two shits about that game? It's the bottom of 8 for God's sake. JUMP!

Apr 27, 2012

Nick Johnson Is Still Batting 0-For-April; Average Dips To .000!

Just now noticing that Nick Johnson was in the lineup last night for the Orioles in a battle against the Blue Jays. Our hero, as you might remember, is having a rough season. He entered the game 0-for-23 for the season. Guess who went 0-for-3 last night? Yeah, things just aren't going Nick's way these days. He's now the only position player or DH to remain hitless. According to USA Today, Johnson will make $800,000 in 2012. Dude made over $100k this month without a hit.

Apr 26, 2012

This Padres Puker Can’t Handle His Bean Burritos & Draft Beer [VIDEO]

There's nothing worse than sitting through a Padres game, watching dong shots fall short on the warning track and then puking all over yourself while some guy records it all and throws it on YouTube. From the look of this video Padres fan had a case of the stomach flu this week and couldn't keep down that veggie burrito and the $5.50 drafts. Best news for this guy is that he'll get at least 50k YouTube views for this spew. JUMP!

Apr 26, 2012

Oh Look, MLB Hasn’t Blocked Jim Knox & The Screaming Banshee Chick VIDEO!

We loved this Rangers Fan of the Game segment on Tuesday. LOVED IT! Was going to upload it but MLB video goons, as we've told you, have a major beef with Jim Knox videos on BC so why waste our time uploading it. So some other guy did the deed. This is Screaming Banshee Chick and her Yankees fan ex-husband. They're divorced yet still share season tickets. Not kidding. And of course Knox finds them out of 47,000 fans. JUMP!

Apr 25, 2012

Guess That MLB Halloween Sack

It's that time to play a game of 'Guess That MLB Sack,' a challenge to all of you who jersey chasers who think you know your sacks. This sack belongs to a guy whose recent relationship news caused some Internet buzz. That's the girlfriend on the left. They love dogs. He's a third baseman and was one of baseball's golden boys before they turned their attention towards Justin Verlander and Kate Upton. Need more hints? You suck. JUMP!

Apr 25, 2012

Impressed By Coastal Carolina’s Alex Buccilli & His Batting Stance? [VIDEO]

Nope, hadn't heard of Coast Carolina's DH Alex Buccilli until last night when his batting stance became all the rage during an ESPN3 broadcast. We all remember great batting stances that helped create Batting Stance Guy and a YouTube revolution. Forget all those stances. You haven't seen a batting stance as crazy as what Alex has for you this morning. Yes, that's an open stance. It's all about rhythm, says the ESPN crew. JUMP!

Apr 25, 2012

Let’s See MLB Block This #RangersRack From @RangersGirl36 [PHOTOS]

It's going to be one of those days around here. We're pissed off at MLB and have decided to push the envelope. The MLB goons don't want you watching :40 videos of off-the-field action so we'll go a different route and show you what @RangersGirl36 sent us last night. Yet another #RangersRack submission. That's right, MLB, we're promoting your asses via boobs. You know what gets more buzz than that stupid show with Kevin Millar? Boobs. JUMP!

Apr 25, 2012

Our Message To MLB For Blocking The :40 Jim Knox Video [VIDEO]

Since we now know the MLB video goons are reading Busted Coverage on a daily basis, it would be the perfect time to tell you assholes how nice you are for blocking yesterday's Jim Knox video. You do realize that Jim Knox is like your Jerry Seinfeld, right? You do realize Jim Knox doing crazy shit in the stands causes people to watch games. Keeps them hooked through the 8th inning for his Fan of the Game promotion. Right? JUMP!

Apr 25, 2012

Is Bank Robbing Red Sox Fan A Moron For Showing His Sox Tat? [Cuff ‘Em]

Must say we don't get too many bank robberies where a superfan goes with a tattoo and corresponding baseball hat. But that's exactly what Red Sox fan pulled off in this robbery. Hispanic bro just doesn't care. Police can use that tattoo to identify him all they want. Gotta catch him first. Look, wearing long sleeves is the obvious play here. Maybe it's a henna. Would this idiot be that smart? Our guess is no. JUMP!

Apr 25, 2012

Purple Jesus & Donovan McNabb Seemed To Enjoy Spring Break [Morning Twitpic]

Donovan McNabb played in only six games for the Minnesota Vikings but gets invited to all the cool parties this offseason. Here he is with Purple Jesus back in March in the Bahamas for a Vikings teammate's wedding. Crushed that? -350 on the crush line. In MLB news, 80 fans tried to throw harder than Jamie Moyer to get free tickets to a Fort Myers Miracle game. All they had to do was throw a 78 mph pitch. BOOM, free tickets. Nope, nobody could. Let's get rolling!

Apr 24, 2012

Kevin Youkilis Impregnates & Marries Tom Brady’s Sister; Batting .174

Big news out of Boston this afternoon concerning what is possibly bothering Kevin Youkilis this season. The guy is off to a smoking hot 8-for-46 start (.174) with only two doubles. Bobby Valentine called out the guy and the next thing you know all hell is breaking loose. Now comes news that Youk and Tom Brady's sister, Julie, got married in a very small wedding last week. Why get married during the season? Julie Brady is pregnant! JUMP!

Apr 24, 2012

Royals Fan Reading Book During 8th & 9th Innings At Last Night’s Game [PHOTOS]

There's a building buzz on the Internet this morning over the Royals fan sitting behind home plate during last night's game against Toronto. We checked the DVR and Novel Guy didn't bust out the book until the 8th and 9th innings when the Royals were trying to notch their fourth win of the season. It was 4-1 and most people were on pins and needles. Not Novel Guy. He got caught up on this reading and soldiered through until the final out. JUMP!

Apr 24, 2012

What, This PA Baseball Coach Pulling A Gun On A Parent Is A Big Deal? [Cuff ‘Em]

Obviously stupid ass parents in Pennsylvania don't understand that Babe Ruth league baseball is important to John Zahradnik. Do you want your son coached by a guy who'll just let umpires get away with shitty calls that cost your team a game? Or do you want a guy like John Z.? A guy who'll allegedly try to run over an umpire? You want to go to war with guys like John Z. Kicking dirt on home just ain't getting the job done, America. JUMP!

Apr 24, 2012

ESPN Has Turned SportsCenter Into CBS Nightly News Circa 1972 [Morning Twitpic]

What the f*ck is going on with the sports world? Are we running out of filler for the 24-hour news cycle? Dropping espionage and _____-gate makes us feel like a Walter Cronkite hologram will show up after a commercial & kick Neil Everett's ass. Jesus! Can't we get a fake Steve Phillips press conference about Albert Pujols being homerless? In NHL news, the Rangers force a Game 7 while Gary Bettman battles the shits over the Blackhawks being eliminated. Let's get rolling!

Apr 23, 2012

Brian Wilson, Pete Carroll & Tim Lincecum Have Excellent Seats At Mets-Giants Game

Fathers, look at yourself in the mirror and figure out why your kids are tools to the point where they'll clone up like Brian Wilson and Tim Lincecum for a game in New York against the Mets (2-1 as I type). The little kid going with the Lincecum hair is cool because the former Cy Young is on the mound. And he's a kid. Doesn't know any better. It's cute. As for Brian Wilson beard, time to pack away the fake fur for at least 18 months. Stop being stupid, dorkwad.

Apr 23, 2012

Nick Johnson Projected To Go 0-For-233 In 2012 After 0-For-23 Start!

Still holding Nick Johnson in your A.L. fantasy league? We have bad news for you fantasy dorks. According to ESPN's MLB projectors, the Orioles DH, who is off to a hot 0-for-23 start, will go an entire year without getting a hit. Of course it's crazy, but then again Johnson is well into April without slapping one through the infield. Who has the worst batting average in MLB history (minimum of one hit)? A pitcher. JUMP!

Apr 23, 2012

Buy Seattle’s Kingdome Visitor’s Dugout – Only $7,500! Home Dugout – $12K!

Does your beer league need a new dugout that looks like a shipping container with benches and a bat rack? Are you nostalgic towards baseball at Seattle's Kingdome? Specifically towards the opposing teams? We have a deal for you today. You can get on eBay right now and spend $7,500 for the entire visitor's dugout from the Kingdome. Seriously, all of it. Yep, you even get those mall benches. You're officially on your way towards building a MLB franchise. JUMP!

Apr 23, 2012

Drunken Rangers Fan With MLB Sideline Reporter Videobomb Of 2012 [VIDEO]

Poor Shannon Hogan. She was trying to get through another cold April afternoon while working the stands at another Tigers baseball game and then this happens. The Missouri grad does her best to give people perspective from the stands. But, drunken Rangers fan has to invade her space and treat this sideline reporter like her name is Jim Knox. Rock on, Rangers fan. Give us some tongue. NOW. MORE! TONGUE! JUMP!

Apr 23, 2012

Look At That Flyers Ice Girl Photobombing The Sids Golf Sign [Morning Twitpic]

So the NHL has to be freaking out over what's happening in the playoffs, right? The Sedin Sisters are out. Sids & Malks are history. The Rangers are on the brink with a 3-2 hole. Boston heads to a Game 7. Detroit is gone. Chicago trails 3-2. At this point, for the sake of business, we need the Flyers to win the Cup. In MLB news, at what point do the Red Sox fire Bobby V.? The team is 4-10 and only a rainout can stop the5-game losing streak. Let's get rolling!

Apr 22, 2012

Jose Canseco Is Taking To Twitter To Find The Right Girl [PHOTOS]

We are all familiar with the insane and most of the time indecipherable Twitter feed of @JoseCanseco. Things got even more weird when Canseco took to Twitter to try and find some girls to date. The responses to Canseco's tweet are absolutely hilarious. It's mostly girls responding with "BLOCKED" or "You're Crazy". I highly suggest you follow this feed for the humor and the education of what steroids can do to a person. JUMP!

Apr 21, 2012

How Big Of A Hardass Is Backwards Hat 99 Problems D-Bag? [Morning Twitpic]

And the 99 Problems jerseys just keep rolling in. We asked for submissions a few weeks ago and look what was in the inbox this morning. Indy backwards hat 99 Problems d-bag. Fact: you should never rock this look in an Indianapolis sports bar unless you have a "Ain't 1" bitch rolling with you through Dave & Busters, or wherever Indy watches games. Just sayin'. In MLB news, you MUST look at the NY Post front page. MUST, DAMMIT! Let's get rolling!

Apr 20, 2012

The Last Time We Saw Pedro Martinez This Drunk Was On Bronson Arroyo’s Boat

For those of you who were stuck at home during today's ceremonies at Fenway, you missed an apparently drunken Pedro Martinez and Kevin Millar standing on the Red Sox dugout and leading an awkward toast with fans. Yes, Pedro and Cowboy Up had bottles of grape juice in their hands, but we assume they were pounding something strong earlier in the day. Nothing makes us smile quite like drunken Pedro. One of the best. JUMP!