Roger Clemens Threw Fastballs To Bobby Sura This Weekend In Florida

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First of all, Bobby Sura has one of the worst batting stances I’ve ever seen from a white guy. Shoulder up! No way you’re getting around on 90 mph heat with the bat that low and zero plate awareness.
Second, Roger Clemens should make at least one start in Triple-A per year until his arm falls off. Just see what’s left in the tank. Maybe do an exhibition game. Maybe an exhibition tour with former MLBers who still want to play a game. Do it for charity. Clemens on the mound. Jeter playing short. Jim Edmonds in center. Chipper Jones at 3rd. This would be insane. Guy’s weekends.
I know Chipper has the new baby. He’d be down. Edmonds has a new baby. He’s in. Griffey Jr.’s down to be the team photographer.
Think of the ticket sales. Let Cal Ripken be in charge of the after-game beers. David Ross plays catcher. So much fun.

Patriots fan = swag for days:

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Barry Bonds Had a Fun Weekend Cycling
Barry Bonds Had a Fun Weekend Cycling