Braves Fan Swipes $40 Left At Grocery Store…Now This Guy Is A Wanted Man

Baseball IS BACK! The Braves will open a new ballpark in April and at least one fan has an extra $40 to go towards those hard to get Opening Day ducats. The problem: cops are looking for this Braves fan because the $40 was left in a grocery store cash dispenser by the victim. The Joe Maddon-looking Braves fan was next in line and jacked the cash.
One thing leads to another and Braves Maddon is being hunted by the cops and his Braves gamer is all over social media across the south.
From WXIA:

Police said a customer using the self-checkout kiosk requested $40 cash back, but forgot to take his money when he left the checkout.
Next in line was a white male with thick dark-rimmed glasses and a graying goatee and a white female wearing a purple top. The Braves fan was recorded taking the cash from the dispenser and walking toward the exit after handing something to the woman. The man then turned around and walked back to the checkout, completed his purchases with the woman and left the store.

Let’s cut to the chase here…this is like someone leaving $40 in credits on a slot machine and walking away. Unless Braves Maddon is some sort of psychopath who preys on dumb grocery store customers, this is a giant waste of police time. How about you go bust down more heroin dealer doors and take all their cars, houses, jewelry, etc. and stop wasting your time on Braves Maddon who did what at least 65% of America would’ve done.
Would I walk out with the $40? Probably not because I’ve made so many life mistakes that I try to stay away from bad karma these days. But think of all the people out there who would’ve thrown that cash in their pocket. It’s not the end of the world.
The victim learned a $40 lesson.

Yep, happens all the time…same store…2016

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