Autumn Falls Stops By, Donald Trump Signed Baseballs Gaining Value & MJ Got Emotional

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Am I the only one who wants at least 10 more Last Dance episodes from MJ? There have to be more feuds to be covered. I want 10 episodes on BJ Armstrong vs. MJ. I want Horace Grant and MJ in the same room. Raw. I want Kukoc and MJ face-to-face and a Glove face-to-face. Good news around here is that the pool gets opened today. Need the weather to get its act together since it’s May 11 and it’s like 40 fuccing degrees outside. Horrible.

Let’s get the day started with Autumn Falls

Trump signed baseball are starting to go for big money

Italian model is finally Rona-free after a 75-day battle

In case you missed it, MJ got emotional last night

Bob Kraft’s auctioning one of his Super Bowl rings for charity

Florida Man & Florida Woman in trouble for firing flare gun at guy serving them with papers

It’s going to be blazing hot in Phoenix…not sure the Rona can survive this heat

Polina Malinovskaya has a way with words

No Clue How He Keeps ‘Em Straight Video of the Day

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Sandwich of the Day

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Sarah Evertsen Stops By, Peyton Manning Putting On A Broadcasting Clinic & Ohio Woman With An All-Timer
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