NFL Combine Drama…Media Room Runs Out Of Diet Pepsi

NFL Combine drama…Diet Pepsi runs out

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of people make up NFL Media, this is a great example of the type of people we’re talking about. Word on the Indy streets is that the NFL Combine media work room ran out of Diet Pepsi this morning and some people were inconvenienced by this. DC sports media guy JP Finlay was there to see the commotion and document one guy all fired up over the development.  I guess that guy wasn’t at Radio Row this year where it was hard to find a water fountain and good luck finding a Diet Pepsi at that event. There weren’t any that I could find.

Trust me when I tell you this, there are sports media people out there are a real special bunch. Remember the media guy who asked Kyle Rudolph for gloves in the locker room and told him they were going to a charity benefit and then turned around and sold them on eBay? It’s a bad scene the longer you watch how it all operates and gets as petty as being mad that the catering staff ran out of Diet Pepsi.

Here’s an idea loser, take your ass for a walk and go find a Diet Pepsi. Trust me, nobody cares that much about your Combine reports that they can’t wait an extra 30 minutes.

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