How NFL Draft Hopeful Ben Bartch Fattened Up To Become An Offensive Lineman

Ben Bartch is the talk of the NFL Combine due to his diet to add 70 pounds

Ben Bartch is the breakout star of the NFL Combine so far thanks to his honesty to the media on how he fattened up when coaches at D-III Saint John’s (Minnesota) told Bartch he was moving from tight end to offensive lineman. Bartch told the enamored NFL media his diet to add mass as fast as possible and now that diet is the talk of the 2020 NFL Combine. has Bartch rated as a 6.18 — “GOOD BACKUP WHO COULD BECOME STARTER.”

Only the big football nerds care about his grade. BC readers care about how this guy got fat enough to play offensive lineman in D-III. Bartch comes in at 6’6″ 309 and added 70 pounds to his frame via this diet.


  • 7 scrambled eggs
  • A big tub of cottage cheese’
  • Quick grits
  • Peanut butter
  • Banana
  • Gatorade.
  • Throw it all in the NutriBullet and plug your nose

“I just kind of researched online for the most clean and healthy ingredients for putting on good mass,” he said. “That summer I went from 250 (pounds) to 275, and then after that I went from 275 to 305.”

I’m pretty sure protein shakes will add mass, but maybe that was too expensive for the amount of weight he was looking to add. I’m definitely not up on how offensive linemen stay so massive. I do know how Joe Thomas lost all his weight after leaving the NFL — the guy is KETO AF.

Why is Ben Bartch rocketing up draft boards? I guess they threw him in against SEC studs during Senior Bowl week and he held his own.

BTW, this isn’t the Ben Bartch who added 70 pounds. This poor guy’s just going about his business in life and gets hammered with tweets:

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