Media Guy Asks Kyle Rudolph For Gloves After Saints Game For Charity, Sells Them On eBay

Kyle Rudolph game-used gloves sold by media member / via eBay

An eBay user, gamegear777, sold a pair of Kyle Rudolph game-used gloves from the Saints playoff game over the weekend and now we have a full-fledged sports media Big J scandal as Rudolph says he was approached by a credentialed media member and asked to give his game gloves to raise money for a charity. One thing led to another and the gloves ended up on eBay for $350 and it looks like the credentialed media member has been selling other game-used equipment over the last few months.

Rudolph has yet to out the credentialed media member who listed Indianapolis as the shipping location for the gloves. Since this story hit the fan this afternoon, the media member has changed his eBay account from gamegear777 to purpleplanet19. A look through the seller’s items previous sales shows that we seem to be dealing with a national reporter, someone who goes to all the big events. There’s Super Bowl confetti that he’s sold and even 10 Pro Bowl programs. Only way you end up with 10 Pro Bowl programs is if you stuff your hands in the boxes they put out in the media rooms. The seller also sold a pair of autographed Saquon Barkley Pro Bowl gloves, Kareem Hunt Pro Bowl gloves, Bradley Chubb gloves and multiple items related to the 2019 Super Bowl.

If you know who this eBay seller is, let me know. I’ll keep you anonymous. 

[email protected] or the DMs are wide open.

It appears the guy behind the account has been selling ‘game-used’ items going back to at least 2007-08, according to this message board where buyers discuss interactions they had with gamegear777. This appears to not be some sort of young, inexperienced media guy running this operation.

The guy who bought the gloves on eBay is offering to make a donation to a charity to hopefully make all of this right.

This credentialed person also sold these Noah Fant gloves. From the listing: “THESE ARE AUTOGRAPHED GAME USED GLOVES FROM  THE BRONCOS CHIEFS GAME.”

Noah Fant gloves
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War Damn Bank Robbery!
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