Sammy Sosa Throws Arabian Nights Birthday Party For His Wife Sonia

Sammy Sosa threw an Arabian Nights birthday party for his wife Sonia / via Instagram

It’s that time of the month/year when we catch up on what Sammy Sosa has been up to down in Miami where the social butterfly rarely shows up on social media if it’s not at a party of some sort. Looks like this month it was Sonia Sosa’s birthday and Sammy pulled together an Arabian Nights theme. It wasn’t to the extreme like the Adrian Peterson 30th birthday party back in 2015 when he had a camel and all sorts of legit Arabian objects.

Sammy, 51, only splurged enough to get the camel statue. Not sure how hard & expensive it is to rent a camel in the Miami area. I have to assume it’s not out of the question since there are things like the Edgerrin James million dollar stripper event and things like that going on around the city.

It’s crazy to think that it’s been 13 years since Slammin’ played his last season, 2007 with the Rangers, before hanging up the jersey for a life of going to parties and doing whatever. I’ve been posting things on Slammin for 12 of those years and it’s weird to think a guy who had the baseball world by the nuts, even though he was juicing, just disappears after leaving the game. The guy has 609 career home runs and MLB wants nothing to do with him. They can’t parade Barry, Mark or Slammin’ around ballparks. Meanwhile, a multiple-time cheater like ARod is cherished by these retards.

Anyway, Sammy keeps partying. I guess he’s forgotten about baseball anyway. Can’t blame him.

Go to the 6th slide to see Slammin’ do work on the dance floor:

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