Sammy Sosa's Halloween Party Looked Lit

via Instagram
Well, I guess it’s official that we officially have a Sammy Sosa Instagram account that’s definitely IGs from Slammin’ himself or someone very close to Slammin’ because we now have photos from inside Slammin’s Halloween party last night. That’s Slammin’ as Phantom of the Opera and running what looks like a LIT AF party a residence on Williams Island in Miami.
It’s good to see Sammy back and creating content like the heydays around here when he was showing up like twice a week for months with legit new content. This takes me back a number of years here. I lived for Slammin’ content hunts. Those were the days when Sammy was becoming whiter by the week and making international headlines for his transformation into a white dude. People were beyond fascinated by it all.
And then his wife quit using IG and Sammy content started to dry up. I’m still not sure what happened. However, this looks promising. We now have a Sammy IG and he’s actually updating it — or one of his handlers is updating. Whatever the case, it looks like we’re back in business.

I'm Hopeful This Is A Legit Sammy Sosa Instagram Account
I'm Hopeful This Is A Legit Sammy Sosa Instagram Account
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