New Details From The LSU-Alabama Shooting Where Bama Fan’s Been Arrested For Murder

Alabama fan David Allan Fulkerson was arrested for attempted murder for shooting a person over LSU-Alabama game

Alabama fan was arrested for attempted murder for shooting a person over LSU-Alabama game / via Colbert County Jail

Remember the shooting after the LSU-Alabama game where Bama fan David Fulkerson shot a guy (allegedly)? The guy who was shot has died, the attempted murder charge has been upgraded to murder and now law enforcement is giving new details into what happened after LSU beat Alabama and shots rang out. Turns out the guy who was murdered, Mikie Merritt, was cheering for LSU. My research turned up at least one photo of Merritt wearing an Auburn hoodie, so maybe the guy was an any team but Bama kind of guy.


Merritt and Fulkerson had gathered that day with their girlfriends for drinks, a cookout and the football game. The two men were cheering for different teams — Fulkerson apparently supported Alabama, while Merritt cheered for LSU. They fought after Merritt called a football player an expletive and Fulkerson mistakenly thought the comment was directed at him, according to court records made public today.

Their girlfriends tried stepping in to break up the fight, court records state, but Fulkerson pushed the women to the ground. Fulkerson went to his bedroom, came back with a gun and shot Merritt in the face, investigators wrote in an arrest affidavit.

Merritt’s sister says the family is going to have to forgive Bama fan.

“Even though everything that has happened is so tragic and someone took his life, we have to learn forgiveness,” Merritt’s sister said. “If we don’t, it’s going to control and hurt us the rest of our lives.”

And there you have it. One football game that changes lives forever. What more can be said here besides this is beyond stupid. One night of acting hard turns into (allegedly) blowing off a guy’s face and possibly going to jail for the rest of your life because you thought the guy was disrespecting you. SMH. No more Bama games. No more Bama parties. If only Tua could bring his happiness to all corners of Alabama to teach these people that going through life with this need to shoot someone is the Devil pulling the strings.

Maybe Tua wasn’t put here to go to the NFL and throw touchdowns. Maybe he was put here to go into these dirtbag back alley towns and teach these people to respect each other and take a punch and tell the guy good punch.

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