Will Philip Rivers Retire Or Will His Wife Announce She’s Pregnant Again? Bet On It

Will Philip Rivers retire or have another child before that can happen? You can bet on it / via Twitter

Will Philip Rivers retire or will his wife announce she’s pregnant with child number 10? That’s reportedly a bet you can make at BetOnline, according to Odds Shark, but I can’t seem to find it on the site. Then again, I’m not a sports betting expert these days. I looked through the NFL Player Futures and couldn’t come up with anything, but we’re living through times when you have to stand out in a busy sports betting market and I can’t fault BetOnline for throwing out a prop that’s going to get retweets.

Rivers turns 38 December 8, his arm seems to be completely shot — looks like it takes everything out of him to throw it 40 yards — and he’s in the final year of his contract for a team that doesn’t have an actual home, doesn’t have a star to take over for him and zero identity as a Los Angeles NFL team. That said, what’s to say Phil doesn’t sign a one-year deal after this season, the Chargers draft a guy and Phil grooms the new kid.

On the other hand, we’re talking about a guy who seems to have that Shawn Kemp sperm. Or that Antonio Cromartie sperm that created three kids after going through a vasectomy. Let’s not forget that Philip and wife Tiffany welcomed their 9th kid in March. That’s why this bet is so creative and hard to handicap. Read it again, “announces wife pregnant with baby No. 10.” I’m actually leaning on the baby. A nice even number.

Keep this in mind before placing your bet…Rivers to the Titans?


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