Nothing Can Bring Tua Down

Tua staying positive in the hospital before surgery / via Twitter

Tua Tagovailoa clearly isn’t too concerned about this hip surgery thing he has going on that may cost him his football career. There he was in the hospital Sunday with tons of friends and family staying positive, playing his little Hawaiian guitar, dancing in his hospital bed while teammates sat with him before what will be the biggest surgery of his life. I’m not even sure when this surgery is scheduled to go down, but I keep hearing it’s the Bo Jackson surgery thing. Like I said, it’s BIG.

But Tua is a man of God and he’s been saying his prayers, being a good person and that means everything will be alright. Laura Rutledge reported that the hip surgery will take place today in Houston. It’s being called a dislocated hip. He’s confirmed out for the remainder of the year and can now have the surgery and get ready for the NFL Draft.

Does this look like a kid who thinks everything is going to be alright? It does to me. Play your heart out, Tua.

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