Austin Frat Reportedly Buys Three Pallets Of White Claw, Spends $7,500

Fraternity buys $7,500 of White Claw / via Twitter

The news that there’s a White Claw shortage has reportedly made people take drastic measures and that includes an Austin, Texas frat buying three pallets of White Claw for $7,500, according to Aaliyah Trevino, who works at H-E-B.

Is this a shortage play by the Texas frat? Are they buying up the supply and trying to gouge the other frats or was this just for a party before the LSU game? I have several questions here because I could see price gouging being a play, especially on a huge college football weekend where a frat could easily triple its money off these pallets.

Austin is a city right now that is so crazy about Claw that one bar had a kiddie pool Claw party on Sunday where they were going to fill kiddie pools with all the top selling Claws. Wild times indeed out there on the Claw streets where white people are starting to scheme in anticipation of a massive shortage.

Three pallets of White Claw going out:

Aaliyah isn’t here to play games, people:

And it seems to be going out at Florida State too:

Austin loves its Claws:

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