White Claw Claw Game Machine Created By Arizona Bar

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The future is here and it has delivered the world a beautiful White Claw claw machine that made its debut Sunday at Scottsdale, Arizona hotspot El Hefe where women could live out their dream of clawing a hard seltzer to keep hydrated and party their asses off. The god that created this claw machine deserves a Claw tap because it’s a thing of beauty.

I know what you’re thinking: it’s impossible to claw a Claw in this machine. Not true. Video proof says differently. Depends on how bad you want the Claw. Those who want one bad enough will strategize to beat the claw game.

What an absolute genius idea out of the El Hefe. White women will be lined up around the block to play this game. So many rolls of quarters are going to be spent playing a classic game. El Hefe says the claw will be at the Scottsdale location permanently. Get down there (*not a sponsored post, I love this type of forward thinking). I’m also told the El Hefe in Tempe will be getting one as well.

[El Hefe Scottsdale – 4425 N Saddlebag Trail #101]

Looking to create your own White Claw claw machine? It appears you can get the machine from Prize Box and then add modifications from there.


Two at once! And you didn’t think it was possible

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