Best Of White Claw Memes & Photoshops

Best of White Claw memes and photoshops

There’s no better time to do a Best of White Claw memes and Photoshops than right now after a huge summer for the hard seltzer brand that has created a revolution in the hard seltzer business with one of the fastest selling drinks in the history of alcohol.

Claw debuted in 2016, became mainstream during the summer of 2018 and here we are in 2019 with Claws changing the game and becoming the Xerox of the hard seltzer genre. Now for the numbers:

Hard seltzer sales increased 193% year-over-year from April 2018-19, according to Nielsen data, and analysts say it could become a $2.5-billion business by 2021. White Claw alone enjoyed a reported 200% increase in sales over a four-week span in July and has surpassed nearly all craft beer brands in sales, according to reports.

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