Dan Bilzerian’s New Girlfriend?












Who is Dan Bilzerian’s new girlfriend? I’m not sure if it’s officially a girlfriend, but Bilzerian posted a pic of him and Desiree Schlotz with a “Sometimes u gotta grab a good one and run,” caption that had people losing their minds. That was awaiting me this morning in the DMs as people tried to figure out if it’s even possible for the modern day Hugh Hefner to settle down with one of his Ignite models.

I say it’s impossible, but I guess it’s that time of year when the women start to go into commando mode to lock down a guy for pumpkin picking season which then leads into full blown fall/Thanksgiving mode and then right into Christmas before the relationship is dissolved as both parties prepare for Super Bowl parties and Spring Break.

It wouldn’t be unprecedented for Dan to go the girlfriend route. Remember Sofia Bevarly, the FIU student who started dating Dan? That was back in 2017 and lasted long enough to create some relationship content before both went their own ways.

Maybe Dan’s just screwing around with his IG caption just to send you guys into a frenzy since 28 million of you follow the guy.¬†What do we know about Desiree Schlotz? According to her bio, “I am currently living in LA pursing my goals as a model. I also work as a freelance makeup artist in LA. I have a had a history of working in the beauty industry.”


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