Utah Woman Heather Garcia Impersonates Her Daughter, Tries To Avoid Arrest

Mom impersonates her daughter in Utah / via Davis County Jail

Imagine the life Heather Garcia, 38, was living while impersonating her daughter out in Utah where Heather was trying to avoid capture for her outstanding warrants. It must’ve been an exhausting life living as Mercedes. Think of all the hair, makeup, prep work Heather had to put in to transform herself into a 21-year-old woman who has to pump out Instagram content to keep up with her friends.

It’s probably best that Heather was picked up so she can stop with this life she was leading as Mercedes. Time to take care of the court cases and simplify the life a little bit.

From KUTV:

Heather Garcia, age 38, was pulled over on Main Street in Farmington after an officer noticed her Silver BMW did not have a license. Davis County Police performed a vehicle search and found drug paraphernalia and a white powdery substance.

Officers tried to gather information from Garcia during the arrest. She told officers her name was Mercedes and was born in 1998. Officers soon realized through a records check that the identity Garcia had offered was actually her daughters.

Once police were able to make a positive ID on Heather Garcia, they discovered she had outstanding warrants. Court documents show she is currently in Davis County Jail under her active warrants and new charges.

Of course I have questions here — what does Heather look like minus the impersonation? How long was Heather impersonating her daughter? Did Mercedes know mom was impersonating her and did she give her tips on how to live her life? Anyone know where Heather’s Instagram’s at where she impersonates Mercedes because I can really go for more content like this.

Here’s Heather Garcia and daughter Mercedes Garcia. I’ll let you see if Heather is really pulling off the impersonation.

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