Meet Sofia Bevarly From FIU & She's Dan Bilzerian's Girlfriend

It’s always hard to watch an internet hero who used to virtually slay so much poon that you just figured this guy would never settle down in life and be loyal to exclusive poon. There was the Jeter era where he was throwing back big fish and handing out gift baskets on a weekly basis. Now comes the wild news that Dan Bilzerian is supposedly exclusive with Sofia Bevarly, who seems to have ties to Hooters and FIU.
To say I’m shocked is an understatement. Dan, 36, has been jetting around with Sofia and living a rather chill life compared to the wild L.A. house parties that I grew to love. You know the parties I’m talking about. The goat. The pool. The guns. The money.
I’m not ready for this version of Dan. The version of Dan who goes on a date with Sophia via his private jet — just the two of them. It’s like we’re losing our old buddy — the single guy you never thought would settle down, but now he’s found the Hooters girl of his dreams.
One day our heroes hang it up. Hopefully Dan eventually snaps out of it, but this doesn’t look good.

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