A Serial Pool Pooper Is On The Loose In Michigan

You wouldn’t think a suburban Detroit neighborhood pool so far out that it’s amongst cornfields would have to deal with a serial pooper, but that’s exactly what’s going on in Macomb County. That’s right, someone is pooping in a neighborhood pool and is causing the neighborhood association to close the operation until the log(s) can be fished out.

Things have gotten so bad that the Buckingham Recreational Facilities Association is going to cancel its annual carnival to pay for another pool staffer to hopefully stop the serial pooper. Sure, we’ve dealt with poopers around here like the New Jersey superintendent, but never a pooper who’s hellbent on closing down a community pool.

From MLive:

According to a notice posted by a neighborhood association in Macomb County, an unidentified individual is secretly defecating in the public pool, prompting closures and a search for the person responsible.

The board president of the Buckingham Recreational Facilities Association, which oversees the day-to-day operations of the subdivision pool located near 23 Mile Road east of Romeo Plank Road released the following statement.

“Someone has been defecating in the pool. Due to the frequency over the past week, we believe this is intentional. At the present time, we are reviewing attendance logs and recorded video. Rest assured that we are following published guidelines to restore the pool to a safe and sanitary condition. “

More from the association including news that the carnival is canceled over the pooping:

Unfortunately, these closures are costing the recreational association money and downtime for our members.  Beginning on Friday, July 12, a 2nd pool attendant will be on hand to assist with the daily functions.  The 2nd attendant will remain onsite through the summer.  Due to the additional costs related to the 2nd attendant, we have opted to cancel the annual carnival.

This whole pooping in public places to leave your mark is, dare I say, a weird segment of society. You might remember in 2018 when Ohio authorities were trying to find the person responsible for taking dumps in a house under construction. I’m afraid to dig into Reddit to see if there’s some sort of public dump underbelly of society that then brags about places they’ve taken shitts. I’ll leave that to the authorities. I don’t get paid enough to get into the real dirt on this one.

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