Ohio Police Want To Talk To These Serial Pooper Suspects

What is up with all the illegal dumping going on in this country. Just weeks after the New Jersey superintendent was arrested for taking illegal dumps, we now have a couple of suspects (man and a woman) cops want to talk to about illegal dumps that were dropped in some massive house that’s under construction between Cincinnati and Dayton.
It’s not like this is an isolated dump. The cops say the illegal poopers went on quite a shiiting spree over a 7 day period. We’re talking four dumps over seven days! Is there some sort of fetish about taking dumps in weird spots that I don’t know about? Something has to be going on underground on the Internet. That’s the only explanation. From WKRC.com:

Police in Clearcreek Township are trying to identify the two people they say illegally entered a Country Brook home under construction.
They released video of one instance from Sunday, May 13 shortly after 8 p.m.
Police believe that’s when one of the subjects defecated on the second floor of the residence.
This was the fourth occasion since Sunday, May 6 that someone has defecated on the floor inside the home.

And how can’t we tell whether this is a man dump or a woman dump? Are we talking logs or Tootsie Rolls? These cops should send off the dumps for DNA analysis. Maybe we’re talking about felons here that we could connect the DNA. After all, we are talking about a guy with a forearm tat. That screams criminal, especially because it’s not some sort of sleeve going on.

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