Thirsty Thot Wants To Be Bryce Harper’s Stress Reliever

I’m not an expert on what catfishing looks like these days on social media, but this whole thing over the weekend where some Instagram thot tried to slide into Bryce Harper’s DMs to be his stress reliever feels like a catfishing expedition. What happened next though is that Bryce’s pregnant wife, Kayla Harper, outed the thot (if it was really a thot) for being all thirsty and desperate to be a stress reliever.

Look, I want to believe that there’s some hoodie out there trying to get with the $330 million dollar man, but I have my suspicions here. It’s just odd to see something so ridiculous turn out to be real these days. It’s also hard to believe that we don’t have an ID on Jordan at this point.

I went over to MediaTakeOut and can’t find a single post on this, which tells me something fishy is going on. MTO would be all over this if that was a thot they were familiar with.

Who is this Jordan woman? Thirsty or is this a catfish? 

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Hey thot, back off! They’re trying to have a kid

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