Lucy Robson Dumps Out Wedge Into Cub Of Water Trick Shot

It’s been a few weeks since Lucy Robson checked in with a trick shot video, but here she is getting April started with a bang in the form of a lob wedge & ping pong ball into a cup of water. Listen, it’s not the best golf trick shot in the history of Instagram, but it’s exactly what guys stuck at work today need.

Here it’s a 60-degree day. Perfect for golfing and there are guys stuck at work just jonesing after a long, dark winter of loneliness and they need whatever content they can get at this point. Enter Lucy. It’s like she understands what’s going on in your heads. Middle of the week, no golf on TV, time to dump out a new video to get things fired up heading into the Texas Open before things really heat up for Masters week.

I’m telling you guys, if there was ever a time for Lucy Robson to get to the States it would be next week with her sponsor Puma. Get her into that course, maybe hang with Gary Player and create some content. It’s time for her to get more exposure in the States. Maybe have her do urban golfing in Hollywood.

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