Golf Channel’s Alexandra O’Laughlin Goes Urban Golfing In Hollywood

I warned you guys that Golf Channel’s Alexandra O’Laughlin would be a breakout star of 2019 and here I am on April 1 posting more Alexandra content — this time she’s urban golfing across Hollywood with fine art photographer Tony Kelly for what just might be a magazine spread since that’s Mr. Kelly’s world.

What a genius idea here from Tony Kelly. Take a Golf Channel reporter/model, have her hit golf balls off the roof of a beautiful hillside house, then take her underneath the Hollywood sign and have her hit balls out of the tall grass. It’s perfect. The lighting is perfect. The skies couldn’t get much better. The colors when she’s hitting driver off the roof are perfect. Look, I’m not a photographer, but I know content and this is great content, especially for a rising star in the golf world. This is going to play great on her IG, she’ll be able to reuse this content down the line at least 12-14 months out and it won’t look old and this is going to be great for the bio page.

I’m telling you guys, Alexandra O’Laughlin is going to end up in a high profile job when golf moves to Amazon or Facebook down the line. They’ll need a star to work events and she’ll be walking the course with all the big time pros in like 2025. There’s going to be another 2-3 years at Golf Channel, maybe a stop at ESPN and then over to Amazon/Facebook for golf when the Internet companies start snapping up all the live events. Someone will probably correct me and say that Golf Channel/NBC has the rights until 2035 or something. I’m telling you guys again, things are going to look way different in five years with content. Again, I’m not an expert on things like you are, but the content game is going to change drastically in 5-6 years.

Anyway, Alexandra O’Laughlin won the content game over the weekend with this work.

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