Lucy Robson Continues Her Instagram Golf Domination

I warned you guys that Lucy Robson was the next great IG follow and that was before she used a wedge to open a bottle for Valentine’s Day. Now she’s back this week with a video where she plays beer pong with her wedge. Now that’s how you do content in 2019. The standard, I look hot so you should like my content, era is ending because at some point we all hit a wall with the same shit being drilled into our heads.

Enter Lucy popping ping pong balls into Solo cups. That’s fuccin content right there. Again, stopped me in my tracks like the Valentine’s wedge. I don’t know if she’s going to be able to keep up this kind of pace with the content, but I’m locked in to find out. I’m also going to need the U.S. celebrity golf circuit to get Lucy to the States for the events this summer. I’ve said it’s time to put Lucy in a foursome with Roger Clemens, Johnny Damon and maybe you throw in Mr. Belding.

So there you have it guys, share this one with your buddies. They’ll enjoy it and get pumped for that sausage-fest golf trip you’re going on in June.

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