Arkansas Men Shoot Each Other While Wearing Bulletproof Vests

Christopher Hicks

What happens when a couple of Arkansas good ol boys do some drinkin’ with guns around. Well, in the case of these two, one guy decides to get out a bulletproof vest and have his buddy shoot him while wearing it. One guy gets mad so the other guy puts on the vest and then he gets show.

It’s hard to follow this whole story, but it sounds like one of the good ol boys went to the hospital to get checked out and then that’s when the cops get involved and that leads to both of them getting arrested for aggravated assault on each other.

From KNWA:

Police arrested two men after they took turns shooting one another while wearing a bullet-resistant vest, according to a probable cause affidavit.

Charles Eugene Ferris, 50, and Christopher Hicks, 36, were arrested Monday in connection with an aggravated assault.

He then told police what really happened and said he had been drinking on his back deck with Hicks and wanted Hicks to shoot him with the vest on. Hicks shot Ferris with a .22 caliber semi-automatic rifle, according to the affidavit.

The bullet hit the top left corner of the vest stopping the bullet but leaving a red mark.¬† Ferris told police he was “pissed” and Hicks put the vest on, the affidavit states. Ferris then “unloaded the clip into Hicks’ back,” according to a police report.

I think the big story here is that nobody died and the bulletproof vest did its job. You know how this normally goes — either the bulletproof vest turns out to be the Walmart equivalent and somebody dies, or a drunk guy kills his buddy with a wild shot. I think both of these guys should be released and not prosecuted. Don’t bottle up the judicial system with some good ol redneck fun. They learned their lesson. Seems like the red welts were enough punishment.

Charles Ferris

According to Charles’ Facebook page, he’s an “Evangelical Anglican Priest. Always ready to help or just listen.” Charles also says he’s an Army veteran who wears a gun in his day to day life.

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