Lucy Robson Keeps Pumping Out The Trick Shots

It’s been hot AF over in England this week from what I hear out of the English media and that means IG rising star golfer Lucy Robson is able to get out and about to create some outdoors trick shots after being holed up this winter doing her thing for Valentine’s Day when she popped a bottle with a wedge and then played beer pong with her wedge.

Now we get Lucy on the range getting in some fairly basic trick shots that I can’t do so saying fairly basic is just based on trick shots I see on other IG accounts. This is smart out of Lucy. Start small, build it up. You have to make sure there are a few basics on the iPhone for days when things are slow. Ask any IG superstar out there and she’ll tell you she has like 500 pics in a reserve folder just waiting to get sent out. Never get caught without a stash.

Now with 287k IG follows, I’ve said this summer is Lucy’s to own and we’re headed in that direction. There’s no doubt about it. I’m actually surprised that the guys at Golf Digest haven’t done a 700-word feature on her to juice the pageviews a little bit. It’s coming, I’m positive.

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