Golfer Lucy Robson Pops A Bottle With A Wedge For Valentine’s Day

It’s only been two months since Lucy Robson popped up on the BC Golf IG radar and she was sitting at about 200k IG followers. Now Lucy is at 248k — not bad now that IG has changed the algorithm — and popping bottles with a lob wedge for Valentine’s Day. It’s one of those videos that stops me in my tracks because it’s outside the box and by now you guys know that outside the box gets posted on BC.

For those who weren’t around in December, Lucy was a golfer at Cal Poly and now seems to be back in the UK working on sponsorship deals and clearly getting ready for the 2019 season which should launch her into a new level on the Gram.

Now sponsored by Puma and Cobra, it appears Lucy is now going on the golf excursions like any A-level IG influencer goes on. Play your cards right and it’s a full-time job. Look at Bob Menery and Katie Kearney. These outings are always in need of talent to keep the party rolling for the rich dudes who want to be entertained and amongst the influential.

Lucy writes on IG: Just practicing some moves for Valentine’s Day!! jk I’ll be at home cuddling with my dog

I’m not buying it.

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