Little Rock Sports Talk Host Randy Rainwater Gets Pranked Again With A “Strange” Strained Labia Minora

via Twitter

Remember Randy Rainwater, the Little Rock sports talk host who is continuously trolled by listeners into saying all sorts of sexual innuendo and he has no idea he’s saying sexual innuendo over the air? Well Randy is back and the listeners got him again with a report that Arkansas highlight reel Daniel Gafford was suffering from a “strained labia minora” and of course Randy read it as “strange” because that’s just how Randy rolls, I’m told.

Gafford doesn’t have a strained anything and sure as hell doesn’t have a strained labia, but it went right over Randy’s head and right into the folder of Randy Rainwater’s Greatest Hits. I’ll tell you right now, these Arkansas fans are my kind of fans. Not only are they listening to see if they can prank Randy, they’re right there recording this stuff so the Internet can turn it into content. I appreciate the hustle.

No labia strain that I can see from Daniel Gafford:

Here’s one of Randy’s classics – from Jack Mehoff:

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