NBA Refs Release Statement: Bradley Beal DID NOT Travel

The official statement is out on the Bradley Beal travel no-call from Monday night against the Pistons and the NBA referees have made a decision: It was a good no-call. Here’s the statement right off their verified Twitter account where they analyze such things and then walk fans through the decision. You guys can stop acting like you know the rules better than the NBA refs. They’re on top of this.

The offensive player gathers with his right foot on the ground. He then takes two legal steps, before losing control of the ball. After regaining possession, a player is allowed to regain his pivot foot and pass or shoot prior to that foot returning to the ground. This is legal.

So everybody can get off the refs’ diccs. And while we’re at it, the Pistons won by 9.

Bill Walton Ate A Lit Candle This Weekend
Bill Walton Ate A Lit Candle This Weekend
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