Little Rock Radio Host Pranked Via 'Buster Nutt' Recruiting News Question

Randy Rainwater/Twitter
So I just found out tonight that there’s a Little Rock, Arkansas drive time radio host who goes by the name Randy Rainwater and seems to be the target of multiple pranksters who try to get him to read ridiculous names on the air. I’m being told that Randy has been on a roll lately with messages he’s reading over the air like this one today that was a question about a recruit named Buster Nutt.
The message was for Arkansas football insider @TreyBiddy, but Randy must get the messages and reads them for Trey. Pretty sure I’m following along as to how the pranksters keep getting Randy. Seems like an ‘Ask Trey’ segment. 
Today’s prank:

Trey, are we still in the running for 2020 Aledo, TX running back Buster Nutt? He’s a true finisher and explodes through holes. I haven’t seen an update on HawgSports so I was just wondering. Thanks as always.

Randy Rainwater reminds me of Cleveland legend Bruce Drennan. Been in local sports media forever, easily fooled and the locals can’t stop messing with the guy. Case in point — the time a guy asked Bruce if Cavs fans should overthrow Dan Gilbert to get LeBron back.

Here we go with the Rainwater goof:

Sounds like Randy has been clueless for a number of years:

Here’s a classic…Jack in Mehoff has a question:

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