Arkansas Razorbacks

Bret Bielema Made An Appearance At A Jason Aldean Concert Last Night

This is the time of the year when these college football coaches come out of the woodwork and can give...

May 20, 2016

Bret Bielema Just Wants A Hot Dog And To Watch Some Football

I was excited when I heard Brett Bielema was going to be an analyst for the pregame show of the...

Dec 5, 2015

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Sep 20, 2015

Kliff Kingsbury Throws Daggers At Bret Bielema After The Win Yesterday

I don’t think it’s possible to have a worse two weeks than Bret Bielema has had these last two. First,...

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Sep 14, 2015

Arkansas Fighting After Losing To Toledo

Can't really tell which team won the fight.

Mar 21, 2014

Arkansas 3B Gives 125% To Catch This Foul Ball [VIDEO]

  According to the Arkansas baseball YouTube account: “Third baseman Josh Alberius made the play of the day to end...

Jun 16, 2012

Cleveland Brown Josh Cribbs Brought In Busloads Of Kent State Students To Omaha [PHOTOS]

Josh Cribbs of the Cleveland Browns dropped 10 thousand dollars to get a flash mob of Kent State students to Omaha for the College World Series. He got an interview from the easy on the eyes ESPN reporter Jenn Brown. Cribbs is known for his kick off return skills and happens to be a Kent State alumnus. Kent State is taking on the Arkansas Razorbacks in Omaha. Notice most of the students are hot chicks.  JUMP!

Jan 6, 2012

Arkansas Rednecks Flock To Cotton Bowl To Cheer On Razorbacks [PHOTOS]

A fat pony tail wearing Davy Crockett with a fake mustache came to the Cotton Bowl between the Arkansas Razorbacks and the Kansas State Wildcats. The rednecks of Arkansas flocked to the Cotton Bowl stadium in their most ridiculous outfits imaginable. Jerry Jones gave his best "O Face" and Erin Brockovich showed up for some environmental activist bullshit during game cameos. Check all this out after the JUMP!

Nov 25, 2011

Is Honey Badger Blazed In This Profile Shot During LSU-Arkansas? [PHOTOS]

Via Weekend Screencapper ParadigmShift35: Tyrann Matthieu is known for his love of his synthetic weed and taking the ball away from your favorite Quarterback. During the CBS intro, it looks as if Tyrann aka "The Honey Badger" packed a bowl of his favorite synthetic "sticky icky" right before his player picture was taken. Let's see if this affects his performance in the "Battle of the Boot" where LSU takes on Arkansas. JUMP!

Nov 22, 2011

Woooooo! Pig Sooey! Whoop His Ass! Another Arkansas Fan Fight! [Video]

Via BC Afternoon Editor Monty: We know this -- they like to get in fights before Arkansas Razorbacks football games. We brought you a one-punch knockout yesterday, but we've got something even better for you today. Not only does the fight last longer, but it features some top-notch commentary from the man behind the camera, including the epic line, "Woo! Pig Sooey! Kick his ass!" For this and more brilliant analysis, we've got the video right here. Check it!