Blakey Locks the Degenerate Gambling Intern: National Championship Betting Guide

Hello, friends. *extremely Jim Nance voice* I am Blakey Locks, the Degenerate Gambling Intern, and I will be your guide this fall. Every weekend I am going to traverse you through the trials and tribulations of betting your mortgage on a weekend of football. From the New England Patriots to the Northern Arizona Lumberjacks, I will give you the knowledge necessary to conquer your bookie and feed your children. We will win together, lose together and laugh together. Let’s ride.

National Championship Game

Last weekend I warned how close we were to the end of the college football season and how much it would sting when it finally happened. Well tonight is officially the last college football game until August. More importantly, it is our last time betting college football until August. That means we have no choice but to go all in: side, total, and mad props. Obviously, it is the fourth year in a row we are seeing Clemson-Alabama and as someone who despises Clemson this really stinks. I am so tired of being forced to cheer for Alabama. I don’t like Alabama at all. I find it very annoying how dominant they are. However, year after year they play State Ohio, Notre Dame, Georgia, and Clemson and I have no choice but to cheer for the Tide. There’s always next year, as they say, but tonight we roll with the Tide once again (in our hearts).

Degenerate Nation Awards

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The Game

Clemson vs. Alabama (-5.5) o/u 58

The time has arrived. Clemson vs. Bama IV. Tua vs. That Chick With the Long Neck.

When this line first opened at Bama -6 I saw a ton of people saying “wow they’re just begging you to take Bama” and talking about how they had to “hammer that shit” right away. Well, Bama is a small public bet but the money is a clean 50/50 split between the two teams as of Monday morning. That hit of sharp money has pushed Bama to -5.5 and I still see a lot of people talking about how easy this bet is despite what the numbers are saying. I personally think this is going to be a super close game. The other two Clemson vs. Bama Championship Games were decided by 5 points or less. I see no reason as to why this changes now. Of course Clemson is disavowed due to their support of terrorism and rampant steroid use, but unfortunately I have been backed into a corner and have no choice but to take the points in this spot.

I think Tua will be able to light up this Clemson secondary just like the other two SEC quarterbacks they faced this year. However, I think Clemson’s offense is more than capable of keeping up with the Bama scoring attack. This is going to be a shootout and I think it gets decided by 3 or 4 points in either direction, maybe even on the last play of the game. Maybe Tua will use the Hawaiian magic from his 400 family members in attendance to throw another game winning bomb. Mele Kalikimaka.

Get Us Some New Fucking Teams Lock of the Championship: Clemsux +5.5, o58

Bonus Lock of the Game: That I’ll have two screens going tonight with the Bachelor premiere on the second TV

For a Longer Breakdown of the Game Listen Here:

The Props

The Super Bowl is definitely the best props night of the year. However, the National Championship is still a night where you have to pull the trigger on a few props to keep the blood pumping throughout the game. 

Clemson Player Props

Trevor Lawrence o0.5 interceptions- Let’s be real. This ugly motherfucker is going to slip up and throw one away.

Travis Ettiene o85.5 rushing yards- Clemson is going to try to control the tempo and pound the rock.

Hunter Renfrow o4.5 catches- After 16 years in college this old geezer wants to go out on top. He’s gonna eat on 4 yard checkdowns.

Alabama Player Props

Damien Harris u50.5 rushing yards- Clemson’s run D is elite and Tua is going to be slinging. Harris only had 48 yards against Oklahoma‘s defense which is shit.

Tua o21.5 completions, longest completion o42 yards- Like I said, Tua is going to be slinging. Clemson is going to try to take away the big play so Tua is going to be throwing underneath and completing a ton of passes. But at least one will still break loose for a long play.

Jerry Jeudy o4.5 receptions- This number is straight up too low for the best receiver in the country. In their biggest games he has rose to the occasion, including 8 catches against LSU. He eats tonight.

Fun Props

For those that don’t know, the Bachelor premiere is also tonight. And yes, I will be watching on a second screen. And yes, you are a loser if you make fun of guys for watching the Bachelor. And yes, you are a crazy person if you watch that clip and don’t want to watch that show.

o2.5 “Bro the game is on” Tweets @BlakeKrass- it happens every time any show like this conflicts with a sporting event. Sad.

Game to go to overtime +700- The game went last year and I think it will be super close again. Love this value.

First Touchdown- Tua Rushing +1500, Etienne +400- I like the value with Tua running the ball in. Also, if Clemson scores first I think it will be Etienne so I’ll take that number even though it’s low.

Like I said, I will be watching the Bachelor tonight therefore I will be drinking a lot of wine. But I’m also a cool jock sports guy so I will be drinking beer while watching the National Championship game. Wherever the audio is at any given time I will be drinking the corresponding beverage. So the final props will be.

Beers o5.5

Bottle of wine o/u 1.01

I will be purchasing a 6-pack and a bottle of wine. We will see how both go. Again, this is purely dependent on how much audio I give to each screen. It will be interesting.

That’s it for the National Championship preview. Follow along @BlakeKrass on Twitter and let’s rip.

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I Had An Interesante Time Last Night At Dos Equis Dinner Hosted By Les Miles At Levi’s Stadium
I Had An Interesante Time Last Night At Dos Equis Dinner Hosted By Les Miles At Levi’s Stadium