I Had An Interesante Time Last Night At Dos Equis Dinner Hosted By Les Miles At Levi’s Stadium

So I sucked it up and flew across the country with Dos Equis for this national championship game in Santa Clara because that’s what a Big B Blogger does these days because otherwise I wasn’t going to the national title game because the financial department (Mrs. BC) isn’t approving that expenditure. I got a call a couple weeks ago from Equis and they were looking for a couple of Big Bs to step up and join them for a couple of days of beers, culinary and football.

Look, I’m not a guy who is going to turn down an opportunity to see Alabama and Clemson play thousands of miles outside their comfort zone. I’m in. It also helps that Dos Equis said Les Miles, Mr. Interesante himself, would be at the exclusive dinner. Again, I’m in. Gotta be honest here, I figured dinner would be at a bar, we’d enjoy some finger foods and suck down a couple cervezas before heading back to the hotel bar.

Turns out that Dos had us jump on a bus to Levi’s Stadium to visit Michael Mina’s Tailgate, the massive 19,000 sq. ft. restaurant, bar, social club that the world-class chef collaborated on when the Yorks built the stadium. I was told by a bartender that it’s $500 to get in on gamedays. Little out of my budget so last night was a great opportunity to do something I’ll never do again once I return to my quiet little world in Ohio.

We walk in, grab a drink and then the servers start bringing out the finger foods. The first guy brings out tater tots topped with caviar….uh, you don’t see that very often in Ohio. Boom, how many of those can I eat? And then the shrimp…the oysters…the bread covered with something…then the little cheeseballs in some basil pesto sauce that was pretty much the appetizer of the year. Those things were insane and it took everything inside of me to not have 50 of them.

Caviar tater tots!

Then it was time for dinner where Mina did a cooking demonstration, explained how they put a Japanese cow on a massive spit on gamedays and explained how he’s known for throwing massive tailgate parties and wants to go bigger and better. Les spoke about heading back to a college football job, said he’s taking Alabama and was pretty much the same guy you see on TV. I learned Les is Les, even when he’s around beer distributors.

What did I ultimately learn last night? My body can take an incredible amount of foods it doesn’t experience very often, coupled with some cervezas and I can wake up and feel like a million dollars. Now it’s time to get after it with championship Monday.

Here’s how the food came out…in order…and I didn’t get cheated:

I could’ve eaten 40 of these shrimp…just keep bringin’ em out boys…

You know how many times I’ve had caviar? Not many


During dinner we were told there would be a Levi’s Stadium tour so the dinner party could get a good look at how things were progressing before tonight’s game. Again, I’m in. Let’s go. And I get to go with Les? I’m all ears.

Let me in, Nick…I want to be first guy in, last guy out:

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