Florida Man Bomber Cesar Sayoc Is A Clemson Fan

via Twitter/@hardrockintlent
Alleged Florida Man mail bomber Cesar Sayoc is a Clemson fan, giving me an in to actually report on this story because it has a sports angle. I know many people are going to tell me to stick to sports and I am. Cesar is a legit Clemson football fan. LEGIT. He loves Clemson football. And Cesar loves Tiger Woods. Thinks Tiger Woods is a class act, according to a September tweet from one of his Twitter accounts.

Here’s Cesar giving praise to Tiger Woods:

Cesar Sayoc and the crew catching a couple rays at Death Valley

In another strange twist, Cesar was also a big ACC soccer fan, displaying ACC rankings on the back of his van:

Cesar might’ve also been into some bodybuilding or even some WWE action back in the day. I can’t tell exactly.

Cesar Sayoc might’ve dabbled in MMA:

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