Jay Cutler Will Be Back For Another Season Of 'Very Cavallari'






I know all the new Jay Cutler converts are down in the dumps over the first season of “Very Cavallari” coming to a close this weekend, but there is some good news, the grumpster who’s become famous for watching deer cams and scolding his wife’s employees will BE BACK for season two!

According to Deadline, we should expect 10 more episodes of the “youngest and most affluent series” in 2019:

Season 2 is expected to continue following Cavallari’s life in Nashville and will feature 10 one-hour episodes. E! says the first season of Very Cavallari has seen consistent week on week growth in all key demos and currently ranks as one of the youngest and most affluent series on ad-supported cable and broadcast with a median age of 36.

This news, of course, shouldn’t be a surprise. Jay has broken out as a reality star — just like we suspected before the premiere — and the other aspects of the show mostly work. Kristin is funny and a master drinker, Taylor is hot, and instigator Shannon might be written as the worst social media manager in the world. It’s good summer television.

Get ready for another season of…

Jay drinking that red:

Jay baking!


Jay lighting stuff on fire:
And Jay watching live animal streams:


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