Jay Cutler Shines During Very Cavallari Season Premiere

Not going to lie, I didn’t watch the ‘Very Cavallari’ season premiere last night on E! because I was busy getting my Sunday shower and getting ready for another productive work week, but the first thing I saw this morning were Jay Cutler clips from the show and it was a performance worth of multiple Emmys. In one clip, Kristin Cavallari’s girlfriends come over for what is definitely a staged visit and Jay could not care less.
Kristin wonders why Jay isn’t more cordial to the staged visit and Jay gives her a great answer.
As for the GQ article on how to go down on a woman, this might be the article Jay read. It’s from 2017, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is the content.

“I think men should think of giving head like eating their last meal. They should savor every minute and be all sensual and shit cause if you don’t enjoy it, 10/10 the woman you’re giving head to isn’t either,” explains Kari Faux, a rapper and singer from Arkansas. “Hum, make eye contact, and give compliments… Don’t just use your tongue. Use your lips. Hell, put your whole face in it!”

“Of course let’s definitely lay down some of your freaky ass tongue tricks occasionally and like, go wild. But the majority of the time, I honestly treat that time as some form of meditation—like a full body massage. Don’t do too much, let me relax and enjoy myself.”

Get ready for that Jay GIF to be used multiple times this NFL season when he’ll make his broadcasting debut.

Jay being Jay:

Don’t be shocked if Jay is in uniform this season…just to make Kristin suffer through another 5 months of Jay making a couple million:


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