Jay Cutler Plans To Raise Chickens And Goats At His New House


I’ve tuned into the first few episodes of “Very Cavallari” and my only complaint so far is that we need more Jay. Cutty just flat out hasn’t been getting enough screen time. I get that show is literally called “Very Cavallari” and most of the attention is going to be focused on Kristin and her friends, but I think we’re 3 episodes deep now and Cutler is batting .1000 in his appearances. This needs to be the Jay Cutler show featuring Kristin.
This clip is a little teaser of Sunday’s episode where Jay reveals they’ve closed on their new house in the country, aka the one they went and looked at in episode 3. If you weren’t convinced that Jay is fully in retirement mode, then these 2 minutes should hammer that home. He’s getting totally invested into the dad life. He’s looking at John Deere tractors to buy online, he’s talking about raising chickens and goats with the new land they have. Once this move is completed, we’re going to need an entire episode dedicated to Jay and his daily chicken/goat raising routines. I want to see Jay out in the backyard in overalls cutting the grass in his industrial size John Deere tractor.

Last week he used these baby goats to entice Kristin into the move


Cutler has been a reality star quite literally since his first appearance

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