Braves Broadcast Team Back At It: "Sometimes Home Runs Are Rally Killers"
Over the last two weeks Braves broadcaster Joe Simpson has rightly been dragged by baseball Twitter for both ripping the Dodgers for their batting practice outfits, and hinting that Nationals rookie sensation Juan Soto might not be 19 years old. Obviously the man is a dinosaur who needs to replaced, but he’s not the only one in that booth spewing garbage baseball takes.

Jeff Francoeur, the guy once deemed the future of the Braves, spelled Simpson Monday afternoon by arguing that hitting doubles keep rallies going, as opposed to home runs — you know, those hits that instantly put runs on the board. This fire take, of course, was vomited after the Braves hit back-to-back doubles:

Francoeur hit 160 home runs in his disappointing 12-year MLB career. If only he hit less bombs (or didn’t strike out so damn much) he might have hit more doubles in his career, but it wasn’t meant to be.

Francoeur’s first MLB hit was a home run… way to kill the rally:


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