Old Guy Hot Take Alert: Braves Announcer Rips Dodgers For Wearing Shorts And T-Shirts During Batting Practice

That was Braves announcer Joe Simpson providing us with our latest old guy hot baseball take last night. The Dodgers were “unprofessional”, according to Joe, because they had the gall to wear shorts, t-shirts, and low socks during batting practice in the middle of July in Atlanta. Instead of just admitting that he’s an old guy who can’t stand the evolution of baseball, he fell back on the “what about the fans?” argument because apparently Dodger fans wouldn’t know who their players are unless they’re labeled with a numbers on the back and a “Hello, my name is…” tag on the front.
Just your latest get off my lawn take from the world of baseball. You’d think the MLB would do something about these curmudgeons who seemingly HATE the game they cover. We all know they have a youth problem. Every kid wants to play basketball or football or even soccer now, and yet they keep sticking these old farts in the booth who continuously shit all over today’s game.
One of the shirts Joe was pearl clutching about last night? Chase Utley’s ‘K Cancer’ t-shirt that, you know, supports families battling childhood cancer.

Dave Roberts was asked about the comments after the game and you could say that he was not pleased.

Dodger players had fun with it, though


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