Reds Fan Instructs Son To Throw Back HR Ball Hit By Diamondbacks

The Reds were curbstomped by the Diamondbacks on Sunday, but at the very least the blowout allowed one father to teach his son the moronic art of throwing back a home run ball. Why allow your kid to keep once-in-a-lifetime souvenir when you can corrupt him with a tradition started by a Cubs fan, am I right?
The teaching moment occurred in the ninth inning after Keury Mella launched a two-run home run into the right field stands of Great American Ball Park. As you can see below, reality hit the young Reds fan quickly when his father’s reaction to him coming up with the ball was to throw it back. He confusingly did, much to the satisfaction of his old man:
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A couple minutes after this lesson in baseball etiquette, that little kid then saw another Reds fan catch a Paul Goldschmidt home run ball. That fan let everyone know there was no way in hell he was letting it fly:

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