Patriots Fan Tattoos Tom Brady's Autograph On Her Arm
I never understood the phenomenon of getting an autograph on your body somewhere, but I guess if you plan to take that autograph and ink it permanently, I can see the reasoning behind it. That’s what we have here from Pats fan Megan who made an appearance at Patriots training camp this week. This isn’t a new thing. Last year, we had a Penguins fan do the same thing for Sidney Crosby, but it’s still a very interesting life decision.

In order to pull off a move like this, you really do have to save it for a legendary figure like Brady or Crosby. You know, people that you wouldn’t regret 40 years down the line when you have a few kids under your belt. I’m waiting for one of these die-hards to pull the trigger on a riskier autograph. Maybe a first-round pick that has some bust potential. Show you have some balls. I feel like this is something a Jets or Browns fan might do. Let me see someone get Darnold or Mayfield signature tatted on them and let’s check back in 20 years to see how that worked out.

Here’s the final product of the Brady tat:

The details of how the tattoo came to be:

WHDH – “I just screamed, I’m like, ‘Tom, you got to sign my arm, I’m really going to get this tattooed tomorrow,’ and he just looked right at me was like ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe this girl,’” Uhrynowski said.
Uhrynowski and a friend attended a Patriots’ practice Monday night at Gillette Stadium.
After practice, a number of Patriots stars, including Brady, began signing autographs. That’s when Uhrynowski’s friend had an idea.
“Gary had given me the idea like, if you get Tom Brady’s signature, ‘Why don’t you have him sign your arm and get it tattooed?’ and I’m like, ‘That is just a great idea,’” she said.
Moments later, TB12 crossed the field and signed the 19-year-old’s arm.
“He just signed it and I was freaking out, it was probably like the coolest thing,” she said.
Uhrynowski went to a Connecticut tattoo shop Tuesday to make sure Brady’s signature will never fade.


Ed Orgeron Broke Youtube's Closed Captioning Function
Ed Orgeron Broke Youtube's Closed Captioning Function
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