Ed Orgeron Broke Youtube’s Closed Captioning Function

What's your favorite sports rivalry? Mine is Ed Orgeron vs. the closed captioning on YouTube. pic.twitter.com/bEkGcI8yfm

— Intern Pete (@peter_roulier) August 2, 2018

Any worries about AI and robots taking over the world and making humans their slaves can be put to rest this afternoon, at least for now, because it appears the only person who can stump the exponential growth of technology is Coach O. It appears he has broken Youtube’s closed captioning function.

It makes sense because I’m assuming any reporter covering LSU already has a hard time understanding half the shit Orgeron is saying, so there was no chance Youtube’s robots were going to pick up on that famous Cajun drawl. “Intern Pete” on Twitter came across this Coach O press conference from Wednesday and collected a handful of screenshots showing Coach O putting that computer brain into 17 pretzels.

This is flat out fantastic use of the internet.


— Intern Pete (@peter_roulier) August 2, 2018


— Intern Pete (@peter_roulier) August 2, 2018


— Intern Pete (@peter_roulier) August 2, 2018

That algorithm had no shot. We live in an age where we can talk to a speaker and get the daily weather report, yet somehow, 40-plus years of football, gumbo, and energy drinks might be what takes down our greatest technological engineering. God bless Coach O.

Here’s the actual press conference if you’re trying to decipher it for yourself