Penguins Fan Gets Sidney Crosby To Sign Her Arm, Then Gets It Permanently Tattooed The Next Day

We knew right away when the Penguins booked their trip to the Stanley Cup that we were going to get some awesome fan stories. Not many do it like Pittsburgh fans, then you mix in the die-hard hockey people and it’s a recipe for content gold.

But how about this chick? She’s not even from Pittsburgh, but she might as well be. She and her boyfriend drove all the way there for Game 1 on Monday from Illinois, watched the Pens win, waited outside the arena for an autograph, got Crosby to sign her arm, drove back to Illinois and immediately got it tattooed permanently.

Here’s her story from CBS Pittsburgh:

“I approached Crosby. I had a black baseball cap, a silver marker and a black sharpie pen. I was going to have him sign my hat, and when Crosby went to sign it, it wouldn’t work.”

She added “I told Sid, ‘I guess you’re going to have to sign my arm. I promise I’ll get it tattooed as soon as I get home.’”

And that’s literally what she did. She wasted no time to get that inked on her body forever.

Also, the Pens are up 2-0 and dominating the Stanley Cup, so not a terrible week for her.


If you couldn’t tell, that’s not her first Pens tattoo