Kevin Durant Goes After “Middle School/Knock Off Stephen A.” On Instagram

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Thoughts? Agree or disagree? 💭🏀 #bucketgetters

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Most knowledgable hoops fans look at the ridiculous Instagram post above and scoff at the idea that Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, and Anthony Davis “don’t elevate” their teams. It’s utter nonsense, but then again, the whole idea behind “Bucketscenter,” an account run by a supposed teenage basketball analyst, is to be “bold and controversial,” and “spark debate.”

Basically the kid wants to be the next great talking head on ESPN and FS1, and he might be well on his way after getting KD to bite on that post. Yes. KD was once again caught going after randoms on social media, but this time he didn’t bother to get on a burner to engage a high schooler.

To be honest the kid is annoying AF, but I’ll admit his final line is gold:

“Glad you owned it this time and didn’t hide behind a burner”

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