Did Kevin Durant Get Caught With Another Burner Account?

Burner accounts, so HOT in the NBA right now. The Colangelo story is starting to die down now that he’s been fired, but that won’t stop Kevin Durant from hopping back on one of his secret accounts, even though he’s coming off his second straight championship and Finals MVP.

Now let me be clear: this is all alleged, although the evidence is there. Remember, he was exposed once already for having a burner account back in September before the season started. Now it looks like he was out in the Twitter streets undercover once again last night. Twitter user @81PointGame did some important investigative journalism that can really only lead to the one conclusion that this was definitely KD.
He’s trashing Steph for ruining the rhythm, he’s talking about winning a couple more rings and then heading to his hometown Wizards and, of course, retweeting a bunch pro-Durant tweets. That’s the holy trinity of burner account evidence.

Still not convinced? How about this. Immediately after being exposed by Mr. @81PointGame, the account was deactivated. Hmmmmmm.
Obviously, there’s no way to know for sure if this was Durant. We’ll probably never find out. The only way he got caught last time was because he forgot to switch to his burner and accidentally fired off some takes from his main verified account.
I’ll just say this: if this was courtroom and we had a jury, I’m thinking he’s found guilty here. You’d think after all the accolades and rings, along with actually being caught once before, that cupcake¬† KD could sack up and take a little bit of criticism from some Twitter eggs. Nope, I think he’s just addicted to living the burner account life.

More evidence!

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