Kevin Durant Liked An IG Comment Criticizing "Problem" Russell Westbrook

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Since everyone already knows he has burner accounts on Twitter and Instagram, it looks like Kevin Durant went ahead and used his real IG to like some Russell Westbrook slander. (Allegedly, of course.) The eagle-eyed diehards over at R/NBA spotted KD liking this comment which states, “‘subar’ lmfao the problem was westbrook. They had a good ass team.”
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The full conversation between the non-KD parties:

Update: KD says it was an accident and that there’s “no story here:”

As per usual, petty — and ill-timed— online activity from KD regarding old Thunder drama. That being said, those are just straight facts, right? KD has gone on to better things in Golden State, while Russell is getting torched by the Jazz despite having two commodities in Playoff P and Carmelo on his team.
Things are so bad for Russell right now that he’s making public declarations to stop Ricky freakin’ Rubio, who dropped a triple-double on his ass Saturday night:

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